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Washington Township - vs. Stats

Washington Township - vs. Stats

Welcome to Washington Township

When in search of a place to call home, everyone looks for certain deciding factors. Is the town safe? Is there a strong community with good people? Is it a good place to raise a family and are the school systems good? Does the city have a warm, beautiful, inviting appearance? Are there plenty of entertainment options within and nearby the city limits? If any of those questions have crossed your mind as you have considered your move, which I’m sure they have, then take a deep breath and relax because Washington Township of Montgomery County, Ohio has everything you could ever want and more from the town you call home.

Washington Township is the largest of Montgomery County’s nine townships, though most of the township’s population lives within the cities of Kettering, Centerville, and Woodbourne-Hyde Park, all of which lie within the township borders. The Centerville school system, which caters to the students of Washington Township, and the township’s library system have both been ranked amongst the best on state and national scales.

In Washington Township, you and your family will never be bored. You can spend your days at the township’s Recreation Center, Rec West, Countryside Park, one of the town’s many other parks, or even at the Town Hall Theatre. There is something within this township that everyone in your household can enjoy.

If Washington Township sounds like the place for you then take a look at our available homes now, you’ll be glad you did!