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Spring Valley - vs. Stats

Spring Valley - vs. Stats

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Located in Greene County, Ohio, Spring Valley is one of the smaller villages of the Dayton metropolitan area. Do not let its small, mainly land area dismay you from considering this little town as a place to call home, though, for the heart of this community is anything but small!

In Spring Valley, you will get that calm, peaceful feeling of living within a safe, united, and extremely friendly community. This is a city where your neighbors will not only be the people who live near you, but will also become some of your very best friends. This town welcomes newcomers with open arms.

For those members of your family who enjoy the great outdoors and love spending time in nature, you will be delighted to know that Spring Valley is a gorgeous, scenic town. The city offers many biking and hiking trails and wonderful, well-maintained parks. Spring Valley’s Walton Park alone is 24 acres of land and offers playing fields and a lovely picnic area with a pavilion. In addition to Walton Park, you will also enjoy visiting the other two community parks, the Bledsoe Park and Founders’ Park. Not only does Spring Valley have beautiful scenery and phenomenal parks, but this little village is also home to many quirky, fun filled events, such as community festivals like the Spring Valley Potato Festival.

Spring Valley is adored by its residents and will surely be loved by you and your family. If a gorgeous town with a close community and entertainment for the whole family sounds like the perfect place to be, then Spring Valley is the place for you. Check our local listings now to see our available Spring Valley homes.